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PeraHealth Launches PeraAnalytics™ to Uncover Opportunities for Earlier Detection of Patient Decline

System analyzes electronic health records and Rothman Index scores to target proactive clinical interventions

CHARLOTTE, N.C., December 9, 2013 – PeraHealth Inc., announced today the availability of its new product, PeraAnalytics. PeraAnalytics examines large volumes of Electronic Health Record (EHR) data to find intervention opportunities that help clinicians avoid preventable harm. Using the Rothman Index (RI) Score, the Universal Patient Score™, PeraAnalytics associates this calculated patient acuity measure with actual outcomes from patient populations to identify trends for reliable “earlier” warning systems, helping clinicians target interventions to reduce unplanned readmissions, ICU transfers, sepsis, and avoidable deaths.

“PeraAnalytics is uncovering intelligence buried in the ‘big data’ of electronic health records,” said Stephanie Alexander, Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte-based PeraHealth, Inc. “Real patient outcomes coupled with the associated RI Score allows our customers to identify at-risk patients much earlier and develop proactive intervention protocols that are saving lives, reducing costly readmissions, and avoiding Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) penalties.”

Some of the key reports delivered by PeraAnalytics include the “30-day Readmissions Reduction Audit,” the “Roadmap for Avoiding Unplanned Transfers to Critical Care,” and “Proactive Sepsis Intervention Targeting.” These reports, tailored from custom analyses which have produced significant results for some of the nation’s top hospitals and healthcare systems, are now available out-of-the-box with PeraAnalytics.

“PeraAnalytics uses state-of-the-art business intelligence techniques to glean life-saving intelligence from untapped EHR data,” said Edward Yurcisin, Chief Technology Officer for PeraHealth. “It is the next step in building our portfolio of products that brings the RI Score into everyday healthcare use.”

About PeraHealth

PeraHealth is transforming healthcare through the intelligent use of data. By leveraging the Rothman Index, a validated patient acuity score, PeraHealth’s clinical surveillance software solutions enable healthcare providers to identify at-risk patients sooner for earlier intervention. More than 80 leading hospitals and care providers, such as Yale New Haven Health System, Houston Methodist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, utilize PeraHealth’s real-time, predictive analytics to improve quality and reduce costs. For more information, visit and