Supporting Sepsis DetectionSupporting the identification of patients at risk for sepsis

Leveraging PeraHealth's surveillance solutions helps providers to identify patients at risk for sepsis present on admission and sepsis acquired during the hospital stay. PeraTrend and the RI can help draw attention to deterioration, including deterioration that may be associated with sepsis. Incorporating the patient's RI score on admission into the sepsis screening process assists in the identification of at-risk patients who may be septic on admission, while including RI deterioration warnings into protocols for sepsis screening during the patient's stay can help support the effective identification of sepsis that is so critical to timely intervention and improved outcomes.

Houston Methodist Hospital

8% lower sepsis mortality index after implementing care delivery protocols that included using the RI to more effectively measure patient acuity.

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Yale New Haven Health System

29% reduction in sepsis mortality following a clinical redesign that included the Rothman Index. 13% reduction in average cost per sepsis case at Bridgeport Hospital.

Given that data (Rothman Index) they decided to bring in additional consultation, additional medical therapy that stopped a septic process that was ongoing.
Keith Churchwell, MDVP and Executive Director, Heart & Vascular Services, Yale-New Haven Hospital
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