Proactive Rapid ResponsePredicting and preventing critical deterioration

Leveraging PeraHealth's predictive, real-time clinical surveillance solutions and deterioration warnings, rapid response teams (RRTs) identify more at-risk patients sooner for earlier intervention. RRTs are able to shift from a reactive to a proactive care delivery model.

Over time, we were pleasantly surprised that the data bore out over several months that with that key introduction of the SWAT team using the Rothman, we had a decline in mortality.
Sheila CoonanManager Rapid Response Team, Yale-New Haven Hospital - Saint Raphael Campus

Associated Publications

  • Mortality Reduction Associated with Proactive Use of EMR-Based Acuity Score by an RN Team at an Urban Hospital

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  • Proactive vs. Reactive Rapid Response Systems: Decreasing Unplanned ICU Transfers

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