PeraWatchLeveraging Predictive Analytics for Virtual, System-wide Surveillance

The decentralized capabilities of the PeraWatch™ virtual surveillance platform allow ‘command center’ clinicians to monitor and detect patient deterioration and manage bed utilization on a system-wide level. This structure is ideal for hospitals and health systems, and provides an extra layer of patient safety by extending a care team’s reach across multiple units and facilities.

PeraWatch™ leverages the Rothman Index (RI) to assimilate disparate clinical data through configurable surveillance views. This information gives decentralized clinicians a transparent view of current patient conditions, which in turn promotes proactive clinical decision making. Specific, real-time patient condition monitoring helps drive improvements in care efficiency and effectiveness. Clinicians also leverage the surveillance platform to manage patient flow and bed utilization within the hospital and across the system.

Product Highlights
  • Hospital and system-wide remote monitoring
  • Real-time, clinical surveillance and bed management
  • Surveillance across all conditions, diseases and care settings including med/surg and ICU units
  • Configuration and dashboards based on hospital and unit assignments
  • Navigation through assigned patients for clinical status awareness and detail drill down

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