PeraTrendLeveraging Predictive Analytics for Real-time Clinical Surveillance

PeraTrend™ provides clinicians with a visual dashboard of the patient’s condition in real-time, allowing them to detect subtle, potentially life-threatening changes at a new level. Powered by the Rothman Index (RI), PeraTrend™ can be easily integrated into a provider’s electronic health record (EHR), or through a web-based URL which can be displayed on a monitor. It conveniently works at either a nursing unit level or across the hospital for real-time clinical surveillance.

Product Highlights
  • Real-time, clinical surveillance
  • Detect deterioration earlier, often with 24hrs warning, and minimal false alerts
  • Surveillance across all conditions, diseases and care settings
  • Facilitate communication during shift changes and handoffs
  • Leverage existing EHR data and able to integrate with all major EHR vendors

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