PeraAnalyticsAnalyzing Outcomes and Identifying Opportunities

PeraAnalytics™ provides clinicians and analysts with visibility into retrospective clinical outcomes and real-time in-house patient populations. PeraAnalytics is a browser-based tool that allows quality analysts to gather historical trends as a baseline, measure performance throughout the duration of use case protocol adoption, and dive deep into specific patient information to support root cause analysis. Visualizations and patient lists may be exported to add to presentations and integrate with other data sources, respectively.

Leveraging the Rothman Index (RI), PeraAnalytics allows clinical and analytics leaders to identify areas of success, as well as opportunities for improved performance of patient and population outcomes in areas such as mortality, length of stay, readmissions, and intensive care unit (ICU) utilization.

Product Highlights
  • Retrospective and real-time analytics visualized through a series of focused visualizations
  • Opportunity analyses for mortality, length of stay, readmissions, and unplanned transfers to the ICU, and returns to the ICU
  • Drill-down functionality within visualizations to view underlying patients
  • Leverage PeraTrend functionality to support patient-specific root cause analysis

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