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Identify at-risk patients sooner for earlier intervention with predictive, real-time clinical surveillance solutions.

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By leveraging the Rothman Index (RI), care providers are able to visualize the patient condition and identify at-risk patients earlier, often with >24hrs warning and minimal false alerts. As a result, leading healthcare organizations are achieving significant value based performance improvements.

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Rothman Index has been published in 30+ peer-reviewed articles

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Yale New Haven Health System

13% reduction in average cost per sepsis case at Bridgeport Hospital.

The Rothman Index is an innovative and forward-thinking tool. It affords healthcare providers, at the point of care, an opportunity to proactively identify and address the needs of the patient in real-time. Thereby promoting the continuous flow of information at all levels of care.

Nnenna Emelogu, MSN, RN, CVRN-BC, NEA-BCProgram Director, Department of Nursing Practice, Houston Methodist Hospital

The Rothman Index is helping to save lives that at one point we would have considered unavoidable deaths.

Katherine Walsh, RNVP of Operations & Chief Nursing Officer, Houston Methodist St John Hospital

The (Rothman Index) warning happens anywhere from 8-12 hrs before the patient would crash by traditional medicine measurements. 8-12 hrs is a lot of time for doctors and nurses to go back and examine the child and in some cases literally save the child’s life.

Srinivasan Suresh, MD, MBA, FAAPChief Information Officer/Chief Medical Information Officer, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

It’s now a reflex. Just like looking at vital signs and progress notes, we look at the Rothman Index score and see where we are, what we need to do, and how we’re going to get there.

Nihar Desai, MDAssistant Prof. of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, Yale New Haven Health System

Predictive, real-time clinical surveillance solutions

Continuous measure of patient condition across all patient populations and clinical settings. Solutions seamlessly integrate within clinical workflow through EHR integration and decentralized surveillance centers. Use cases include:

  • Proactive Rapid Response
  • Supporting Sepsis Detection
  • ICU Optimization
  • Supporting Palliative Care Consults
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